EMAC A-Team Operations Course

The "EMAC A-Team Operations Course" is geared toward those personnel who are likely serve on an A-Team within their own state or be deployed as Advance Team (A-Team) to a Requesting State.

Course Overview:  This EMAC training course is designed to familiarize you with the EMAC A-Team's structure, functions, roles, responsibilities, and provide experience in the EMAC Operations System.  Upon successful course completion, you will be qualified by NEMA to serve as member of A-Teams to support your own state or another Compact member. 

The training focuses on the operational components of the EMAC system, and on the use of the EMAC Operating System (EOS). Participants who successfully complete the course become certified in the EMAC system to serve as an A-Team member. A-Team personnel must take either the "Understanding EMAC"  course, also known as E0431, at the Emergency Management Institute (EMI), or the online “Practice and Implementation of EMAC” course in our eLearning Center prior to attending the A-Team Operations Course. Training courses are taught by NEMA and may be conducted within regions or states, as needs dictate. Candidates for the A-Team courses must be selected by their home state emergency management agencies.