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EMAC Training Opportunities: Face-To-Face Courses

Delivery Mode
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Target Audience
Short Course Description
Course Length
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Understanding EMAC
first responders who may deploy through their state EMA via EMAC
Provides an overview of EMAC history, legal framework and processes. During this course you will be able to demonstrate your comprehension of the fundamental principles of EMAC and develop a Mission Ready Package in an interactive workshop.
4 days
A-Team Operations
regional training by NEMA
EMAC A-Team selected by the state emergency management agency
Provides familiarization with the EMAC A-Team’s structure, functions, roles, responsibilities, and provide experience in the EMAC Operations System. Upon successful completion, you are qualified to serve as an A-Team member.
2 full days

Additional Training Opportunities

A variety of options is available to learn more about EMAC, including face-to-face and virtual courses, live Webinars, and workshops and presentations, upon request. 

NEMA's EMAC staff conducts WebinarsWebinars

NEMA offers webinars on a variety of  topics related to the EMAC mutual aid system. The objective is to involve multiple disciplines in the mutual aid discussion, and to develop new and innovative mutual aid capabilities, as well as, a better understanding by all parties on how to properly utilize the existing EMAC mutual aid system. Webinars are archived, and can be viewed anytime from the EMAC webpage. Visit the EMAC webinar archives.

Executive Training
Offered as part of the New State Emergency Management Directors Course through the Emergency Management Institute at Emmitsburg, Maryland, The EMAC Executive Overview makes up two modules of the New State Emergency Management Directors Course offered through EMI. The first module is taken online through a webinar and focuses on the State Director responsibilities to EMAC.   The second module is a face-to-face session on the operational aspects of implementing EMAC as a Requesting and Assisting State. 

National Coordinating State Training & Exercise
Annually, NEMA provides the incoming EMAC Executive Task Force Chair and National Coordinating State training and an exercise prior to the annual change of leadership. This enables the new leadership to transition effortlessly into the important roles and responsibilities of EMAC system management.  This training and exercise takes place prior to the NEMA Mid-Year Forum at which time EMAC Executive Task Force leadership transitions.

Other Opportunities
NEMA also offers training, workshops, and Webinars upon reasonable request, if staffing allows. In these instances, NEMA's own EMAC staff members may travel to the presentation venues, or NEMA may ask an emergency management official with extraordinary experience in EMAC to conduct the session.