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Public Works

EMAC and WARN WebinarIn cooperation with the American Water Works Association (AWWA), NEMA hosted an informational Webinar on the Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN).  WARN provides a standardized system for water and wastewater to deploy intrastate and through EMAC. 

The FEMA Public Works Working Group developed models for EMAC Mission Ready Packages using NIMS Typing.

  • Water & Wastewater
  • Getting Started
  • NIMS - Public Works

The water sector has expanded its mutual aid and assistance capability through the establishment of an intrastate network, the Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN) (

To expedite communication of water sector resource needs during an incident, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) developed the Water & Wastewater Mutual Aid & Assistance Resource Typing Manual PDF, which uses EMAC for interstate mutual aid deployments. 

This manual was developed with extensive input from water utility owners/operators and is based on the team/mission approach to incident response for intra- and interstate mutual aid and assistance.

Actions for Public Works Resource Providers:

  • Contact your state emergency management agency to determine if your resource is deployable under EMAC.
  • Download the public works model Mission Ready Packages.
  • Develop your own response-specific Mission Ready Package using the Microsoft Excel template.

    Learn more about Mission Ready Packages and view guidelines that will help you when starting to develop your response-specific MRP.