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Developing Your Response-Specific Mission Ready Package

When disaster strikes, immediate access to essential resources is necessary if emergencies are to be managed effectively.

Mission Ready Packages - specific response and recovery capabilities that are organized, developed, trained, and exercised prior to an emergency or disaster—help make this happen.

Mission Ready Packages (MRPs) are based on NIMS resource typing but take the concept one step further by considering the mission, limitations that might impact the mission, equipment, commodities, required support, the footprint of the space needed to stage and complete the mission, and the estimated costs.

Mission Ready Packages also include credentialed personnel: those who are identified by the Resource Provider as having the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to conduct that specific mission.

Resource Providers should develop MRPs in cooperation with state emergency management agencies after being told that the resource would be valuable for use during intrastate or interstate mutual aid deployments.

You can develop your MRP 2 ways:

Develop and Maintain your MRP using the MASS 2.0 (online MRP resource inventory):

Develop your MRP using the EMAC Microsoft Excel Mission Ready Package Template:
The following Microsoft Excel workbooks are templates are compatible with the EMAC Operations System (EOS) used by state emergency management agencies and the Mutual Aid Support System (MASS 2.0).  You can develop your MRP using the template and upload it into the MASS 2.0.  

Note:  Workbooks have multiple tabs (worksheets).

Should you need a workbook for more than 1,500 personnel, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..