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pdf MRP Companion Document Popular #


Download (pdf, 1.68 MB)

MRP Companion Document 2014.pdf

This companion document will assist agencies and departments in correctly developing their own health and medical MRPs.

The 10 public health and medical MRP samples developed include:
  • Bariatric Ambulance Team
  • Behavioral Health Team
  • Clinical Support Team
  • Disaster Portable Morgue Unit
  • Four-wheel Drive Ambulance Team
  • Medical Facility Emergency Water Supply Unit
  • Morgue Processing Team
  • Morgue Triage Team
  • Patient Transport Team
  • Pre-hospital Acute Care Team
The sample MRPs discussed within are available for any public health or medical need. These templates were developed to maintain consistency across all aspects of public health, medical, and Emergency Support Function (ESF-8) needs and were designed to be compatible with various systems (e.g., Mutual Aide Support System [MASS]).

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