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spreadsheet Medical Facility Emergency Water Supply Team Popular #


Download (xlsx, 78 KB)

EMAC MRP - Medical Facility Emergency Water Supply Team 080414.xlsx

This Excel spreadsheet provides the template for developing a resource-specific Medical Facility Emergency Water Supply Unit Mission Ready Package (MRP) with estimated costs. Throughout the workbook, there are many cells that have comments (denoted by a small red triangle in the corner of the cell) providing instructional or additional information.

The Medical Facility Emergency Water Supply Unit provides emergency water or provides the resources needed by a facility to access and utilize alternate water sources. The Medical Facility Emergency Water Supply Unit includes a combination of equipment that could be used to: 1) haul, store, or provide water; 2) disinfect or purify water; 3) re-route water to a facility; and/or 4) conserve water. Water treatment and distribution requirements vary from state to state, so a full discussion of requirements and expectations should be conducted prior to the deployment of resources.
This sample MRP includes personnel and equipment to provide emergency water to a facility through multiple approaches. It was anticipated that a requesting or providing jurisdiction would narrow the types of personnel and equipment included to a specific approach (e.g., disinfect or purify water) when requesting or developing an incident or jurisdiction-specific MRP.

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