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Educational Resources

Tips documents, EMAC brochures, PowerPoints from EMAC Presentations., and template documents. 


State Overview of EMAC for Local Officials
folder State and Resource Provider Guide to Implementing EMAC


pdf NEMA 3rd Annual Public Health and Medical Webinar Handout (695 downloads) Popular #
pdf EMAC Overview for City and County Officials - Webinar Slides (22 downloads) #
pdf NEMA/EMAC Webinar: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Public Health Mutual Aid through EMAC Mission Ready Packages (3192 downloads) Popular #
pdf Introduction to MASS 2.0 (3580 downloads) Popular #
pdf Developing an MRP Briefing Transcript (2548 downloads) Popular #
pdf Eligible Expenses Guide (22 downloads) #
pdf EMAC Reimbursement Guidance (3115 downloads) Popular #
pdf EMAC Deployment Brochure (8957 downloads) Popular #
pdf E0431 - Understanding the Emergency Management Assistance Compact - 2015-2016 (2508 downloads) Popular #
pdf Reimbursement Webinar 06182013 Slides.pdf (3301 downloads) Popular #
pdf EMAC Strategic Plan (2937 downloads) Popular #
pdf Water Sector EMAC Tips and Facts (1854 downloads) Popular #
pdf Law Enforcement Tips Document (4228 downloads) Popular #
pdf EMAC for Medical and Public Health Responders Brochure (10699 downloads) Popular #

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