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Frequently Asked Questions about the National Guard & EMAC

What duty status do National Guard resources deploy under EMAC through the Assisting States?

EMAC National Guard Status

National Guard resources deploy under the duty status of State Active Duty or Title 32 when command and control is under the control of the governor of the home state.

National Guard resources may not deploy as an EMAC resource under Title 10.

See the chart, on the right, for details, where  color swatch  represents EMAC-deployable resources and  color swatch  represents resources that are not deployable through EMAC.

  • When can National Guard be used under EMAC? +

    Assisting States may deploy National Guard personnel to Requesting States for humanitarian purposes under State Active Duty or under Title 32. According to EMAC’s Article of Agreement XIII, National Guard personnel may not be deployed for military purposes outside their home state.

  • How much do states request National Guard resources from other states? +

    National GuardWhen it ratified EMAC, the U.S. Congress specifically intended that National Guard forces would be deployed under the Compact.

    States routinely request and deploy National Guard personnel and equipment through EMAC in both Title 32 and State Active Duty status. Records show that about 70% of assistance requested and received in catastrophic events comes from the National Guard.

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