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Ten Years After Hurricane Katrina

EMAC Training Opportunities


  Ten Years After Hurricane Katrina

The Emergency Management Assistance Compact has made great strides since Hurricane Katrina struck the gulf in August of 2005; resulting in the largest mobilization of resources in EMAC’s history. From the concept of “neighbor helping neighbor”, EMAC has matured into an effective and efficient all hazards - scalable emergency response tool. Over 67,000 personnel were deployed through EMAC in response to Katrina, Wilma, and Rita with estimated costs that exceeded $800 million. This epic hurricane season resulted in many lessons learned and improvements to our national mutual aid system:

  • Reimbursement turnaround went from over a year to just a few weeks of receiving the reimbursement package
  • The development and implementation of Mission Ready Packages (MRPs) - specific response and recovery capabilities that are developed by Resource Providers, organized, trained, and exercised prior to an emergency or disaster
  • Public Health and Medical templates for Mission Ready Packages (MRPs) - discipline specific templates for the public health and medical communities that focuses on the most frequently requested resources
  • Development of the Mutual Aid Support System – an online GIS inventory of Mission Ready Packages for Resource Providers and State Emergency Management Agencies to manage inventories for intrastate and interstate mutual aid
  • Establishment and maintenance of the EMAC Advisory Group to ensure disciplines are integrated into the EMAC response – with membership from response and recovery organizations across the nation
  • Training has grown from two courses to seven and an EMAC app for deploying personnel to receive just in time training
  • Improvements in accountability of deployed personnel
Learn more about EMAC by signing up for a free account and taking a self-paced course on the EMAC website -

Online, Self-paced Training:

EMAC: Just in Time Training for Deploying Personnel

EMAC Pre-Event Preparation for Resource Providers

The Practice and Implementation of EMAC

EMAC Reimbursement for State Emergency Management

The National Guard & EMAC


Face-To-Face Courses

  • Understanding EMAC
  • A-Team Operations Course

EMAC Essentials Mobile App

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