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Law Enforcement

NEMA, in cooperation with the Major City Chiefs and the Major County Sheriffs' Association, and National Sheriffs Association developed " pdf Tips For Law Enforcement Deployments (649 KB)". 

This list is intended to provide tips relative to the deployment of law enforcement resources.  Some of the tips include specific information that can be included in the EMAC REQ-A agreement agreed upon by both Requesting and Assisting EMAC Member States. Other tips apply to specific responsibilities of law enforcement personnel while deployed on an EMAC mission.

  • Law Enforcement Models

If you need help building a Mission Ready Package for law enforcement, the MRP models will help you get started.

altTo understand the relationship between the models and the response-specific Mission Ready Package, watch this short video.

Download a Mission Ready Package template

MRPs should be built in coordination with your home state emergency management agency (EMA).  Do not build an MRP unless your state EMA has authorized your resource as a deployable asset.

  • Do police officers have powers of arrest under EMAC? +

    Requesting States may indeed authorize law enforcement personnel to possess power of arrest in their states.

    There are two requirements for this to be valid.

    1. The REQ-A must stipulate this power.

    2. The law enforcement personnel must be sworn in upon arrival in the Requesting State.

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